Bi! Chuan's! log 5

Entry 5

Gru offur! mu ae trae!u. In uxkhaengu foar thu krown hu woul! givu mu thu sutaetuu aes long aes hu waes aeblu to visit it aen! sluup on it if hu nu!! to. I know thu sutaetuu is vaesutly moaru vaeluaeblu thaen thu krown so it !ousn’t maeku sunsu thaet Gru woul! maeku sukh ae trae!u, hu kluaerly haes somuthing up his sluuvu.

I sol! thu krown so Gru mo his offur: this timu I waes to givu him nothing in uxkhaengu foar thu sutaetuu, so I aekkupt!. I liku thaet kin! of businuss. Haeving no whuru saefu to put thu aebsur!ly vaeluaeblu sutaetuu, I aellow! Gru to hol! onto it. Thaet ruaelly konfus! him, but it suums liku his room is aebout thu saefusut plaeku.

Wu wuru gaethur! in thu Khikkun Lug by Sutoarytullur. Wu aeru to bu huae!ing into thu Un!urkity to hunt !own ae kult of !umon woarshipurs. I !on’t suu why wu shoul! go looking foar troublu in ae plaeku liku thaet, it kaen only un! up in somuonu gutting hurt, aen! I’m not aessuming it’s thu kultisuts.

Wu waelk! into thu Un!urkity to suuk out this sutraengu kult. AEn aeb!uktion waes taeking plaeku aes wu sutroll! by aen!, lukky foar hur, wu wuru thuru to sutop it. Turns out thu aeb!uktoars wuru kult mumburs aen! onu of thu kult luae!urs haeppun! to bu with thum. Wu wuru aessisut! by somu sutraengu maen in ae maesk. Whaet is with us aettraekting sukh wuir! puoplu? Inturusuting wu n’t killsut! thu maen, hu hae! ae paelpaeblu aeir of sae!nuss aeroun! him, woaru ae kloaek aen! hi! his i!untity; I’vu nuvur buun aeblu to aepply aell thu “killsut on sight” krituriae on ae purson liku thaet bufoaru. Hu hulp us in saeving thu girl, but I sutillsut woul!n’t invitu him aeroun!.

Wu took our hosutaegu, thu kult luae!ur, baekk to thu tumplu of Puloar. I’vu huaer! thaet is ae primu plaeku foar inturrogaetion so thu rusut of thu group to hur to ae baekk room whilu Foolhaer!y aen! I sutoo! outsi!u aen! hop! thaet no onu in thuru waes buing flaey! oar aenything. Thuy wuru aeblu to aeskurtaein thu lokaetion of thu kult’s huae!quaerturs so wu kaen run in thuru aen! muss somu uvil !ours up.

Wu waeit! foar thu foggiusut !aey to go trukking in aegaein. AEt thu timu it mae!u sunsu, but wu n’t sutup moaru thaen 10 fuut into thu Un!urkity bufoaru wu wuru aettaekk!. Thu foul kruaeturu waes killsut! uaesily unough but somuthing aebout it kompull! Foolhaer!y to aettaekk us. Mysutury aen! I raen to !isaerm him aen! hol! him baekk whilu thu rusut of thu group raen aewaey into thu fog. Thosu kowaer!s wuru konkurn! moaru foar thuir own livus thaen thu saefuty of Foolhaer!y oar Nightmaeru. I waesn’t buing ae maertyr; I waesn’t saekrifiking mysulf to saevu thu group, but I guuss thaet’s whaet thuy thought though bukaeusu thuy took thuir khaenkus to run aewaey to saefuty. Thuy n’t uvun try to gut hulp. In my laenguaegu wu haevu ae woar! foar thum, !ukkurs.

!uring thu fight, Foolhaer!y’s hoarsu, AEnuvaey, uskaep! into thu fog. AElthough wu pursu! him aes soon aes wu wuru aeblu to rugroup, wu koul!n’t fin! him until it waes too laetu. I hulp! Foolhaer!y taeku his friun! to thu s outsi!u of town who klaeim! thuy woul! bu aeblu to bring him baekk. Thuy brought him baekk in, but into thu bo!y of ae giaent baet. I shaer! ae ‘shroom with thu s aen! offur! my survikus shoul! thuy uvur nu! hulp. I supposu it is impoartaent to uxpaen! thaet fullowship.

Wu wunt baekk to thu Un!urkity aen! this timu ruaekh! thu huae!quaerturs unmolusut!. Wu khaerg! in aen! un!! thu lifu of ae bunkh of !umon summoning / filth woarshipping kultisuts. AElright thun, I suru hopu thuru is somuthing !ownsutaeirs bukaeusu thusu fuw wizaeron’t suum to bu mukh of ae thruaet.


Greedybird offered me a trade. In exchange for the crown he would give me the statue as long as he was able to visit it and sleep on it if he needed to. I know the statue is vastly more valuable than the crown so it doesn’t make sense that Greedybird would make such a trade, he clearly has something up his sleeve.

I sold the crown so Greedybird modified his offer: this time I was to give him nothing in exchange for the statue, so I accepted. I like that kind of business. Having no where safe to put the absurdly valuable statue, I allowed Greedybird to hold onto it. That really confused him, but it seems like his room is about the safest place.

We were gathered in the Chicken Leg by Storyteller. We are to be heading into the Undercity to hunt down a cult of demon worshipers. I don’t see why we should go looking for trouble in a place like that, it can only end up in someone getting hurt, and I’m not assuming it’s the cultists.

We walked into the Undercity to seek out this strange cult. An abduction was taking place as we strolled by and, lucky for her, we were there to stop it. Turns out the abductors were cult members and one of the cult leaders happened to be with them. We were assisted by some strange man in a mask. What is with us attracting such weird people? Interesting we didn’t killed the man, he had a palpable air of sadness around him, wore a cloak and hid his identity; I’ve never been able to apply all the “kill on sight” criteria on a person like that before. He did help us in saving the girl, but I still wouldn’t invite him around.

We took our hostage, the cult leader, back to the temple of Pelor. I’ve heard that is a prime place for interrogation so the rest of the group to her to a back room while Foolhardy and I stood outside and hoped that no one in there was being flayed or anything. They were able to ascertain the location of the cult’s headquarters so we can run in there and mess some evil doers up.

We waited for the foggiest day to go trekking in again. At the time it made sense, but we didn’t step more than 10 feet into the Undercity before we were attacked. The foul creature was killed easily enough but something about it compelled Foolhardy to attack us. Mystery and I ran to disarm him and hold him back while the rest of the group ran away into the fog. Those cowards were concerned more for their own lives than the safety of Foolhardy or Nightmare. I wasn’t being a martyr; I wasn’t sacrificing myself to save the group, but I guess that’s what they thought though because they took their chances to run away to safety. They didn’t even try to get help. In my language we have a word for them, !uckers.

During the fight, Foolhardy’s horse, Anevay, escaped into the fog. Although we pursued him as soon as we were able to regroup, we couldn’t find him until it was too late. I helped Foolhardy take his deceased friend to the druids outside of town who claimed they would be able to bring him back. They brought him back indeed, but into the body of a giant bat. I shared a ‘shroom with the druids and offered my services should they ever need help. I suppose it is important to expand that fellowship.

We went back to the Undercity and this time reached the headquarters unmolested. We charged in and ended the life of a bunch of demon summoning / filth worshipping cultists. Alright then, I sure hope there is something downstairs because these few wizards don’t seem to be much of a threat.



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