Bi! Chuans! Log 10

Liches Tower

Untry 10

Wu wunt into thu uvil Likhus towur. Thu plaeku waes brutaelly kol! aen! fillsut! with !uvious traeps aen! puzzlus. AEnything wu toukh! suum! to uxplo!u into impaeling shaer!s of iku oar komu to lifu aen! aettaekk us. Thuru waes aen uluvaetoar wu wuru suppos! to usu to gut from flooar to flooar but it waes aektivaet! in somu sutraengu waey using krysutaels wu foun! whuru faeiling to usu thu right kombinaetion rusult! in us gutting fumigaet!.

Wu foun! ae raent aemount of laebs aen! libraerius in thu plaeku aes wu uxploar! through aen! uvun fru! ae mysuturious ol! maen who hae! buun lokk! up by thu likh. It suum! aes if hu hae! put aen aebsur! aemount of uffoart into suaeling this ol! maen in ae fruuzur, but wu busut! through his maegikael khaeins aen! got him out. With ae thaenk you aen! somu ae!viku, hu waes off. AEppaeruntly hu waes ae powurful iku kruaeturu thaet hae! buun kaeptur! by thu likh though wu nuvur saew aeny aektuael uvi!unku of thaet… go figuru.

I thun slupt foar ae whilu aen! whun I woku up thu likh hae! buun killsut!. I musut haevu buun sluup waelking oar somuthing!


We went into the evil Liches tower. The place was brutally cold and filled with devious traps and puzzles. Anything we touched seemed to explode into impaling shards of ice or come to life and attack us. There was an elevator we were supposed to use to get from floor to floor but it was activated in some strange way using crystals we found where failing to use the right combination resulted in us getting fumigated.

We found a redundant amount of labs and libraries in the place as we explored through and even freed a mysterious old man who had been locked up by the lich. It seemed as if he had put an absurd amount of effort into sealing this old man in a freezer, but we busted through his magical chains and got him out. With a thank you and some advice, he was off. Apparently he was a powerful ice creature that had been captured by the lich though we never saw any actual evidence of that… go figure.

I then slept for a while and when I woke up the lich had been killed. I must have been sleep walking or something!



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