Bi! Chuans! Log 11

The Voyage Home

Untry 11 AEftur killsuting thu likh wu mae!u our waey baekk towaer!s gruunswaevu, but not bufoaru unkounturing thaet SupurSugaeSnaeku guy aegaein. Wu tol! him whuru wu wuru huae!ing, but sinku wu n’t waent him following us, wu tol! him how to gut to Nighthulm insutuae!. Wu bought somu tulupoart skrolls from him sinku wu uxpukt! thu Likh to ruspaewn with ae vunguaenku.

Our plaen waes to waeit foar him to aettumpt to skry on us aen! whun hu , wu woul! tulupoart on top of him aen! killsut him foar goo! sinku wu suspukt! thaet hu woul! aettumpt to fin! us aes soon aes hu ruspaewn! right nuxt to his phylaektury, ae maegik box thaet kuups him from uvur truly !ying.

Thu plaen woark! whilu wu wuru suvurael !aeys out to suae. Hu skry! on us aen! using Ky!os’ maegik wu wuru aeblu to fin! out whuru hu waes, tulupoart in, aen! sutomp him . Wu took his box baekk to Gruunswaevu whuru wu tri! to fin! waeys aeroun! its maegikael !ufunsivu foarku fiul!.

On thu waey thuru howuvur wu unkountur! ae fuw monsuturs, ae giaent hypur uul aen! aen Uyu of thu !uup (somu kin! of buhol!ur). Thu hypur uul whaet quitu ae fight but in thu un! koul!n’t sutaen! ae khaenku to turroarsaeur. Wu took his bo!y aen! it out so wu koul! haevu uul jurky. Somu of it waes sutillsut imbu! with thu aemaezing naeturael powurs thaet aellow! thu uul to grow so laergu, so wu mae!u spukiael raetions out of thaet. Thu Uyu of thu !uup waes mukh trikkiur. It haes us! illsutusions to kruaetu ae phaentom ship. Whun wu aettumpt! to boaer! thu !urulikt vussul it aen! thu Uyu, aelong with its illsutusoary klonu, rosu from thu faelsu ship. Wu fought haer! aegaeinsut thum, uvuntuaelly rusoarting to !ufunsivu taektiks, kaesuting klou!s of fog to oursulvus from thu hoarriblu uyu raeys. Thu uyus floaet! out of Turroarsaeur’s ruaekh, but not out of jumping raengu so whun thu kruaeturu waesn’t looking, Turroarsaeur luaept from thu waetur aen! fluw 10 fuut into thu aeir, klosu unough to bitu through thu gruusomu kruaeturu. Wu !ovu into thu waetur whuru wu foun! thu Uyu of thu !uup in suaerkh of its truaesuru hoaer! aen! wu foun! it aeftur somu timu sifting through thu rokks aen! kaevus of thu okuaen flooar.

TRANSLATION Entry 11 After killing the lich we made our way back towards greenswave, but not before encountering that SuperSegaSnake guy again. We told him where we were heading, but since we didn’t want him following us, we told him how to get to Nighthelm instead. We bought some teleport scrolls from him since we expected the Lich to respawn with a vengeance.

Our plan was to wait for him to attempt to scry on us and when he did, we would teleport on top of him and kill him for good since we suspected that he would attempt to find us as soon as he respawned right next to his phylactery, a magic box that keeps him from ever truly dying.

The plan worked while we were several days out to sea. He scryed on us and using Kydos’ magic we were able to find out where he was, teleport in, and stomp him dead. We took his box back to Greenswave where we tried to find ways around its magical defensive force field.

On the way there however we encountered a few monsters, a giant hyper eel and an Eye of the Deep (some kind of beholder). The hyper eel what quite a fight but in the end couldn’t stand a chance to terrorsaur. We took his dead body and dried it out so we could have eel jerky. Some of it was still imbued with the amazing natural powers that allowed the eel to grow so large, so we made special rations out of that. The Eye of the deep was much trickier. It has used illusions to create a phantom ship. When we attempted to board the derelict vessel it disappeared and the Eye, along with its illusory clone, rose from the false ship. We fought hard against them, eventually resorting to defensive tactics, casting clouds of fog to defend ourselves from the horrible eye rays. The eyes floated out of Terrorsaur’s reach, but not out of jumping range so when the creature wasn’t looking, Terrorsaur leapt from the water and flew 10 feet into the air, close enough to bite through the gruesome creature. We dove into the water where we found the Eye of the Deep in search of its treasure hoard and we found it after some time sifting through the rocks and caves of the ocean floor.

I was especially sad that the boat turned out to be fake for it was much larger than our boat and would have made a great “Dar-felony”, a boat for which we had already boat false ownership papers for.



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