Bi! Chuans! Log 12

Mini entry 12 : to be done fully later

We arrived in greenswave, did some trading and went to druid con we killed that Blighter

Mini entry 13:

That beholder made us mad so we teleported into his base and F-ed him up

Mini Entry 14:

The Sahuagin made us mad so we swam in there and F-ed them up. Im the new chief of the cetack tribe. The last octopus bender!

Mini Entry 15:

The aboleth is making us mad, we arent gonna teleport in there and mess him up, instead we are going to a temple to find out about him. Animal growth, this shit just got real. Bi is now so powerful he threatens to come out of the game and kill us all. Grizzle is sad and Doc is about to get him killed (by me)

right? this is the important things right? tell me if i missed something



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