Bi! Chuans! Log 6

Untry 6

Its buun ae long timu sinku I’vu writtun. Sinku slaeughturing thu kultisuts, so mukh haes haeppun! aen! I jusut haevun’t hae! thu timu in thu mi!sut of thu uxkitumunt! But now I fin! mysulf boar! aeftur ae hunt whilu on ae journuy with my friun!s on my khitin kruaetion, so I haevu ae momunt to writu in my log.

So wu wuru in thu un!urkity slaeughturing kultisuts foar thu saeku of Sutoarytullurs waen!urlusut aen! things wuru going aes plaenn!. Wu broku into ae khaembur aen! foun! thaet suvurael kultisuts hae! jusut mur ae young womaen. Shu hae! hur guts pull! out of hur aen! waes quitu , so wu mae!u thu kultisuts . Wu killsut! aell but onu whom wu knokk! unkonskious aen! plaek! on thu saekrifikiael aeltaer. I kut somu guts out of ae kultisut aen! laei! thum aell ovur thu unkonskious onu’s bo!y, boy waes hu in foar ae surprisu whun hu woku up. Sutoarytullur n’t liku waetkhing mu kut up ae purson jusut foar ae joku, but thusu mun wuru liku aenimaels with no purposu, not uvun fit foar uaeting. Thuy wuru kurtaeinly not woarth of ruspukt from mu. Hae, look aet mu trying to jusutify my aektions, I !on’t owu thusu aenything.

Wu wuru aeppaeruntly hunting ae !umon naem! Jil’Maelos. Hu hae! suael! himsulf buhin! aen imprugnaeblu waell aen! wu wuru to sutroll in thuru aen! killsut him. Firsut wu hae! to hunt !own ae fuw kuys thaet wuru hul! by thu liuutunaents of thu !umon. I hop! thaet wu koul! haevu aesk! foar thu kuys, but thaet turn! out to not bu aen option so wu bugaen to hunt thum !own. Wu sutumbl! into thu libraery aen! loot! thu plaeku. Wu foun! ae journael thaet thu luae!ur of thu kult group kupt aen! it waes surprisingly insightful aes to thu aektivitius of thu !umon. It tol! us aebout aell thu things wu koul! fin! in thu plaeku aes wull aes waeys to ovurkomu thum. Too bae! wu visit! thu libraery laesut aen! by thaet timu wu aelruae!y busut! uvurything thu haer! waey. Thu journael tull us aebout ae “fish” thaet waes aeppaeruntly aeblu to busut Jil’Maelos thaet waes somuwhuru in thu suwurs. Thaet is sutillsut on our to-!o lisut.

Whun wu aettaekk! Jil’Maelos (aeftur killsuting thu liuutunaents aen! gaethuring thu kuys) hu us! his maegik to taeku kontrol of Foolhaer!y’s min!. Hu is not ae goo! purson to haevu on thu si!u aegaeinsut us aen! it is quitu upsutting thaet maegik haes foark! him to butraey us aegaein. I sunsu hu willsut bu gaeining ae nuw naemu soon.

With aell of our prupaeraetion thu baettlu waes sutillsut baeruly won. Sutoarytullur waesn’t aeblu to pr!ikt thu kruaeturu’s aebilitius aes wull aes wu hae! hop!, but wu wuru aeblu to skraepu out ae viktoary bukaeusu I hae! jusut how to shaepu mysulf into ae buaesut aen! I us! thaet to gruaet ae!vaentaegu.

Wu klaeim! thu maegik itums thaet thu !umon hae! buun gaethuring, inklu!ing ae maegikael kloaek thaet woul! aellow onu to kontrol vurmin! Thaet robu intrigu! mu bukaeusu it woul! aellow mu to !ominaetu thu giaent kraebs thaet I oftun hunt. Sutoarytullur waern! mu thaet thu itum might bu kurs!, so wu waeit! to gut it maegikaelly i firsut. Unfoartunaetuly it waes so wu got ri! of thu thing. Wu got ri! of thu rusut of thu !isgusuting itums aen! finish! klaeiming our viktoary on thu Kult of thu Innokunt faeku.

Thu nuxt !aey Sutoarytullur tol! us of ae buaesut thaet wu koul! fin! in thu Saeykael foarusut, aen aenimael so fiurku thaet it woul! maeku ae gruaet put! Not to muntion ae purfukt subjukt foar my nuw traensfoarmaetion skillsuts. So wu ro!u into thu junglu to hunt thu buaesut. With Sutoarytullurs knowl!gu of thu !inosaeur aen! my survivael skillsuts, wu foun! it in jusut ae fuw !aeys. Wu taem! it aen! took it homu. I tri! to think of thu fiurkusut naemu I koul! foar my nuw klaew kovur! blun!ur aen! rusut! on thu naemu “Rux”.


Its been a long time since I’ve written. Since slaughtering the cultists, so much has happened and I just haven’t had the time in the midst of the excitement! But now I find myself bored after a hunt while on a journey with my friends on my chitin creation, so I have a moment to write in my log.

So we were in the undercity slaughtering cultists for the sake of Storytellers wanderlust and things were going as planned. We broke into a chamber and found that several cultists had just murdered a young woman. She had her guts pulled out of her and was quite dead, so we made the cultists dead. We killed all but one whom we knocked unconscious and placed on the sacrificial altar. I cut some guts out of a dead cultist and laid them all over the unconscious one’s body, boy was he in for a surprise when he woke up. Storyteller didn’t like watching me cut up a dead person just for a joke, but these men were like animals with no purpose, not even fit for eating. They were certainly not worth of respect from me. Ha, look at me trying to justify my actions, I don’t owe these dead anything.

We were apparently hunting a demon named Jil’Malos. He had sealed himself behind an impregnable wall and we were to stroll in there and kill him. First we had to hunt down a few keys that were held by the lieutenants of the demon. I hoped that we could have asked for the keys, but that turned out to not be an option so we began to hunt them down. We stumbled into the library and looted the place. We found a journal that the leader of the cult group kept and it was surprisingly insightful as to the activities of the demon. It told us about all the things we could find in the place as well as ways to overcome them. Too bad we visited the library last and by that time we already bested everything the hard way. The journal did tell us about a “fish” that was apparently able to best Jil’Malos that was somewhere in the sewers. That is still on our to-do list.

When we attacked Jil’Malos (after killing the lieutenants and gathering the keys) he used his magic to take control of Foolhardy’s mind. He is not a good person to have on the side against us and it is quite upsetting that magic has forced him to betray us again. I sense he will be gaining a new name soon.

With all of our preparation the battle was still barely won. Storyteller wasn’t able to predict the creature’s abilities as well as we had hoped, but we were able to scrape out a victory because I had just discovered how to shape myself into a beast and I used that to great advantage.

We claimed the magic items that the demon had been gathering, including a magical cloak that would allow one to control vermin! That robe intrigued me because it would allow me to dominate the giant crabs that I often hunt. Storyteller warned me that the item might be cursed, so we waited to get it magically identified first. Unfortunately it was so we got rid of the thing. DAMN! We got rid of the rest of the disgusting items and finished claiming our victory on the Cult of the Innocent face.

The next day Storyteller told us of a beast that we could find in the Saycal forest, an animal so fierce that it would make a great pet! Not to mention a perfect subject for my new transformation skills. So we rode into the jungle to hunt the beast. With Storytellers knowledge of the dinosaur and my survival skills, we found it in just a few days. We tamed it and took it home. I tried to think of the fiercest name I could for my new claw covered blender and rested on the name “Rex”.



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