Bi! Chuans! Log 7

Untry 7

I spunt thu nuxt fuw wuuks traeining my nuw puts. Thu Turroarsaeur haes buun waeiting paetiuntly foar kulp snaekks so I spunt somu timu with him. Baeghuurae is ruspon!ing wull to traeining aen! hu suums to bu gutting aelong with !. Rux wishus hu koul! swim liku !aengursaeur aen! spun!s ae lot of timu in thu waetur. Mu aen! Mysutury wunt on ae fuw hunts toguthur aen! wu took Turroar aen! !aengursaeur out aes wull. AEll thu whilu, Frusutur is woarking aewaey on my itum. Sinku thu robu turn! out to bu kurs! aen! unusaeblu, I kommission! Frusutur to givu my Kraeb Hulm thu aebility to !ominaetu vurmin. It kosut ae prutty koppur, but thu nuxt giaent kraeb I fin! willsut finaelly bu taemaeblu bukaeusu of my nuw maegik.

AEftur Frusutur finish! my itum I foun! thu rusut of thu group. Thuy hae! ae quusut of somu soart. Thuy waent! to go fin! ae maen whosu buun traepp! in aen oarb by ae nukromaenkur on somu islaen!. Gru haes gonu komplutuly nuts, now hu’s taelking to his “faethur”, !ok Holi!aey, ae !og thaet’s traepp! in somu blaekk skull hu foun!. Hu’s buyon! mu totaelly. Sutoarytullur tol! mu thaet !uring thu laesut fuw wuuks hu waes kurs! aen! taeint! in somu waey. Hu is ae bit off but hu !ousn’t suum taeint! so I’m not suru. Gru somutimus mutturs to himsulf aebout buing mae! aet us foar thinking hu’s nuts, whikh maekus him suum uvun kraeziur.

So wu got in thu boaet aen! bugaen to saeil aewaey towaer! thu islaen!. Not but ae !aey off thu koaesut wu sutumbl! upon ae whaeling ship. Wu khaerg! thuir boaet, I intun!! on skaering thum off sinku thuy hae! impael! ae whaelu but thuy aettaekk! with thuir haerpoons. With 2 haerpoons sutikking out of Turroarsaeur, I offur! thum aenothur khaenku to surrun!ur whilu Gru burn! thuir ropus hol!ing onto thu whaelu. I waes totaelly prupaer! to killsut uvury onu of thum, but foartunaetuly thuy raen aewaey. I khaes! aeftur thu whaelu aen! rumov! his haerpoons, taeming him. I gaevu him ae naemu thaet Sutoarytullur kaemu up with: Kyogru. I aessumu it’s thu naemu of somu lugun!aery whaelu, thu protaegonisut of somu aemaezing sutoary.

Sutoarytullur tulls mu thaet thuy whaelurs got thuir purmit from thu Kommon Union, thu vury saemu group thaet klaeim! ownurship of my laen! aen! sutolu it from mu. I woul!n’t fuul aen ounku of rumoarsu if uvury purson thuru bukaemu khum. AEn! I got ae khaenku to maeku somu khum whun thu whaelurs wu lut uskaepu uaerliur sunt somu Lugael Piraeky thugs aeftur us. Thuy fir! upon us so wu turn! thu boaet aeroun! aen! aettaekk! baekk with Turroarsaeur bukaeusu !INOSAEURS KNOW NO MURKY. Thuy vury laesut piraetu bugg! foar his lifu aen! offur! us truaesuru foar his lifu. AEs it turns out, o know somu murky. Uvun though thu truaesuru turn! out to bu ae liu, wu aeru going to lut him livu foar now, hu maey provu to bu somu usu to us laetur.

Until thun, wu saeil on to Nukromaenkur Islaen!.


I spent the next few weeks training my new pets. The Terrorsaur has been waiting patiently for kelp snacks so I spent some time with him. Bagheera is responding well to training and he seems to be getting along with Ed. Rex wishes he could swim like Dangersaur and spends a lot of time in the water. Me and Mystery went on a few hunts together and we took Terror and Dangersaur out as well. All the while, Fruster is working away on my item. Since the robe turned out to be cursed and unusable, I commissioned Fruster to give my Crab Helm the ability to dominate vermin. It cost a pretty copper, but the next giant crab I find will finally be tamable because of my new magic.

After Fruster finished my item I found the rest of the group. They had a quest of some sort. They wanted to go find a man whose been trapped in an orb by a necromancer on some island. Greedybird has gone completely nuts, now he’s talking to his “father”, Doc Holiday, a dog that’s trapped in some black skull he found. He’s beyond me totally. Storyteller told me that during the last few weeks he was cursed and tainted in some way. He is a bit off but he doesn’t seem tainted so I’m not sure. Greedybird sometimes mutters to himself about being mad at us for thinking he’s nuts, which makes him seem even crazier.

So we got in the boat and began to sail away toward the island. Not but a day off the coast we stumbled upon a whaling ship. We charged their boat, I intended on scaring them off since they had impaled a whale but they attacked with their harpoons. With 2 harpoons sticking out of Terrorsaur, I offered them another chance to surrender while Greedybird burned their ropes holding onto the whale. I was totally prepared to kill every one of them, but fortunately they ran away. I chased after the whale and removed his harpoons, taming him. I gave him a name that Storyteller came up with: Kyogre. I assume it’s the name of some legendary whale, the protagonist of some amazing story.

Storyteller tells me that they whalers got their permit from the Common Union, the very same group that claimed ownership of my land and stole it from me. I wouldn’t feel an ounce of remorse if every person there became chum. And I got a chance to make some chum when the whalers we let escape earlier sent some Legal Piracy thugs after us. They fired upon us so we turned the boat around and attacked back with Terrorsaur because DINOSAURS KNOW NO MERCY. They very last pirate begged for his life and offered us treasure for his life. As it turns out, Dinosaurs do know some mercy. Even though the treasure turned out to be a lie, we are going to let him live for now, he may prove to be some use to us later.

Until then, we sail on to Necromancer Island on our new boat, which we renamed “Gnome Mercy”



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