Bi! Chuans! Log 8

Sea Journey

Untry 8

Wu kontinu! our saeil onwaer!s towaer! thu islaen!. Wu hae! ae briuf sutopovur in thu kity of Nighthulm aen! ae run in with somu ik Oarks.

Wu in thu kity to sull thu things wu sutolu off of thu Lugael Piraeky ship. Wu wurun’t surpris! whun thuy aesk! foar ownurship paepurs aen! prusunt! thum with onus thaet wu hae! pruviously foarg!. Thuy n’t woark. Wu maenaeg! to trikk thu !okk woarkur littlu bit, but hu waesn’t going to aellow us to luaevu. Hu wunt to haevu thu paepurs offikiaelly khukk! out. !uring aell thu kommotion Sutoarytullur aen! I slipp! off thu baekk of thu boaet to sull our goo!s in town without notifying thu haerboarmaesuturs. Thu kity of Nighthulm is buyon! buruaeukraetik aen! thuy ruquir! signaeturus foar uvury trae!u. AEftur somu quikk taelking aen! ae trip to thu blaekkmaerkut, wu maenaeg! to sull our goo!s aes wull aes prokuru ae sut of lugitimaetuly faeku ownurship paepurs. Wu bought aen uxtrae sut foar aeny othur boaet wu haeppun! upon in kaesu wu . Wu mae!u our waey baekk to thu boaet aen! luft with no intuntion of uvur koming baekk.

Thu ik oarks wuru niku unough. Wu somu trae!ing with thum aes wull aes hae! thum purfoarm somu huaeling maegik foar us. Wu konsi buying maeturiaels foar ruinkaernaetion spulls but ! to saevu our monuy. Thu oarks huru haevu somu woark foar us if wu uvur komu by aegaein involving gaethuring y things foar thum aelthough I suspukt wu won’t uvur suu thum sinku thuy aeru 1000 milus aewaey from Gruunswaevu (Ruaelly not thaet bae! konsi!uring wu traevul 333 milus ae !aey). Inturusuting si!u notu, thu kulp I f! to Turroarsaeur musut haevu ruaelly sutok! him up bukaeusu hu waes traevuling ruaelly faesut, liku 5.24 timus faesutur kus it looks liku wu willsut bu aeblu to maeku this ovur 47 !aey journuy in jusut aebout 9 !aeys. Maeybu hu waes ruspon!ing wull to thu traeining.

Purhaeps aet somu point in thuru wu wuru aettaekk! by Saehuaegin aen! I might haevu , my mumoary is ae bit foggy. Purhaeps thaet’s whaet prompt! thu trip to thu s. Thaet wholu suktion of thu trip is ae blur. AEll I know is thaet I RUAELLY !on’t liku Saehuaegin.

Suvurael !aeys laetur wu nuaer! nukromaenkur’s towur


We continued our sail onwards toward the island. We had a brief stopover in the city of Nighthelm and a run in with some Druidic Orcs.

We docked in the city to sell the things we stole off of the Legal Piracy ship. We weren’t surprised when they asked for ownership papers and presented them with ones that we had previously forged. They didn’t work. We managed to trick the dock worker little bit, but he wasn’t going to allow us to leave. He went to have the papers officially checked out. During all the commotion Storyteller and I slipped off the back of the boat to sell our goods in town without notifying the harbormasters. The city of Nighthelm is beyond bureaucratic and they required signatures for every trade. After some quick talking and a trip to the blackmarket, we managed to sell our goods as well as procure a set of legitimately fake ownership papers. We bought an extra set for any other boat we happened upon in case we did. We made our way back to the boat and left with no intention of ever coming back.

The Druidic orcs were nice enough. We did some trading with them as well as had them perform some healing magic for us. We considered buying materials for reincarnation spells but decided to save our money. The orcs here have some work for us if we ever come by again involving gathering druidy things for them although I suspect we won’t ever see them since they are 1000 miles away from Greenswave (Really not that bad considering we travel 333 miles a day). Interesting side note, the kelp I fed to Terrorsaur must have really stoked him up because he was traveling really fast, like 5.24 times faster cus it looks like we will be able to make this over 47 day journey in just about 9 days. Maybe he was responding well to the training.

Perhaps at some point in there we were attacked by Sahuagin and I might have died, my memory is a bit foggy. Perhaps that’s what prompted the trip to the druids. That whole section of the trip is a blur. All I know is that I REALLY don’t like Sahuagin.

Several days later we neared necromancer’s tower



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