Bi! Chuans! Log 9

Freezing Wastland

Untry 9

Wu untur! thu fruuzing waetur surroun!ing thu Wizaer!s towur. Littlu wu know this frigi! laeku waes homu to ae kolossael buaesut thaet koul! tuaer our boaet to piukus. Whaet hu n’t know bufoaru krossing us waes thaet wu wuru guaer!! by aen uvun moaru Turrifying buaesut. Thu monsutur, ae trumun!ous pruhisutoarik whaelu, rush! our boaet, thruaetuning to skuttlu it. !aengursaeur aen! Kyogru fl! in fuaer but Turroarsaeur sutoo! his groun!. In this furokious baettlu, Turroarsaeur risk! his lifu aegaeinsut ae kruaeturu sunt by thu go!s to !o aewaey with him. “Skruw thu Go” Turroarsaeur suruly waes shriuking in his own !inosaeury laenguaegu aes hu !uaelt turrifying blow aeftur turrifying blow to thu whaelu. My aettumpts to kaelm thu buaesut prov! usuluss but no maettur sinku it waes quikkly mae!u into mush by thu Ruael Biggusut Fish. Hu show! no murky aes haes buun provun timu aen! timu aegaein.

Wu kontinu! to floaet through to towur aen! paess! ae laergu opuning in thu rokks, ae kin! of gaetu. Guaer!ing thu gaetu waes ae !raegon thaet hae! buun boun! to it by thu Likh. Wu aettumpt! to maeku puaeku with thu Luviaethaen but hu intun!! to killsut aen! uaet us bufoaru wu uvun saew him. Hu prov! to bu ae niku muael foar Turroarsaeur.

Wu laen!! on thu shoaru nuaer thu towur aen! hae! to go on foot from huru, luaeving Turroarsaeur aen! thu othurs buhin!. Wu paess! through thu aenkiunt grovus aen! by ae frozun laeku whuru wu mut ae mysuturious kruaeturu (moaru mysuturious thaen Mysutury? Probaebly not). Hu look! liku ae giaent snaeku with ae humaen faeku aen! ae writhing buaer! of snaekuliku haeirs aen! kaell! himsulf Saelaesaen!raesaen. Hu waes ae trae!ur who !uaelt in maegik itums. Wu trae!! with him briufly aen! got somu info from him aebout thu Towur, nonu of whikh waes thaet hulpful.

Kontinuing our truk, wu foun! aen aenkiunt buriael situ foar pruhisutoarik s. Thuy hae! aerraeng! somu sutraengu sutonus into ae laergu kirklu aen! inskrib! runus on thu thing. I mae!u sunsu of thum aeftur ae whilu I waes aeblu to !raew upon thum inspiring nuw aen! unimaegin! powurs provi!! by thu aenkiunt maegik of thu plaeku. Wu luft aen! mov! on to thu towur.


We entered the freezing water surrounding the Wizards tower. Little did we know this frigid lake was home to a colossal beast that could tear our boat to pieces. What he didn’t know before crossing us was that we were guarded by an even more Terrifying beast. The monster, a tremendous prehistoric whale, rushed our boat, threatening to scuttle it. Dangersaur and Kyogre fled in fear but Terrorsaur stood his ground. In this ferocious battle, Terrorsaur risked his life against a creature sent by the gods to do away with him. “Screw the Gods!” Terrorsaur surely was shrieking in his own dinosaury language as he dealt terrifying blow after terrifying blow to the whale. My attempts to calm the beast proved useless but no matter since it was quickly made into mush by the Real Biggest Fish. He showed no mercy as has been proven time and time again.

We continued to float through to tower and passed a large opening in the rocks, a kind of gate. Guarding the gate was a dragon that had been bound to defend it by the Lich. We attempted to make peace with the Leviathan but he intended to kill and eat us before we even saw him. He proved to be a nice meal for Terrorsaur.

We landed on the shore near the tower and had to go on foot from here, leaving Terrorsaur and the others behind. We passed through the ancient groves and by a frozen lake where we met a mysterious creature (more mysterious than Mystery? Probably not). He looked like a giant snake with a human face and a writhing beard of snakelike hairs and called himself Salasandrasan. He was a trader who dealt in magic items. We traded with him briefly and got some info from him about the Tower, none of which was that helpful.

Continuing our trek, we found an ancient burial site for prehistoric druids. They had arranged some strange stones into a large circle and inscribed runes on the thing. I made sense of them after a while I was able to draw upon them inspiring new and unimagined powers provided by the ancient magic of the place. We left and moved on to the tower.



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