Journal of Thromson Hellbound

Entry 1

I happened upon some adventurers stopping a kidnapping of sorts occurring in the slums. Unfortunately it was not cloudy that day and the source of Focalor’s Lightning became known, myself. Despite this, the adventurers, a half-dragon of some sort, a poor man, a Darfellan, a gnome who seems to talk ceaselessly yet intelligently, a Knight and his Squire did not attempt to attack me. I was pleased that I did not have to flee and pleasantly surprised to find that they wished for my assistance in the undercity. We took the prisoner that we had captured during our sojourn and left.

We journeyed forth from the spot of the kidnapping and headed to the local Temple of Pelor. From there we headed to the “Interrogation” room of the local temple, rather odd for them to have one if you ask me… but heresy can happen even in the most devout places, and I would not be surprised if less forgiving clerics existed within the confines of the Sun god’s temple. Regardless, I digress from my point. We took the woman and began to interrogate her, the poor man seemed to know information that was privy to only the woman herself, a mind reader of some sort perhaps? With his clever wording and the silver tongue of the half dragon as well as my own masks removal we managed to coerce her into revealing the location of her temple. With that we left her to her fate, whatever it may be. I hope she does not take the path that my own damned soul once took.

After leaving from the temple, we headed to the undercity as was the original plan. I bound Focalor and took upon his mantle of sorrow once more as we moved forward. Once within the confines of the undercity, of which the guards had warned us, we proceeded forward only to be attacked by a strange purple creature. Our party set upon the monster and killed it but not before the strange aura that had surrounded it had caused the Knight and his apprentice to go Berserk. They attacked, with many of the party running away, I myself backed off knowing of the fragility of myself in comparison to a rough adventurer like the Knight or Druid. I however, blasted bolt after bolt of Lightning, though through the influence of the Prince of Tears, it pained me to do so. After the Knight had been subdued, we beat a hasty retreat to the temple where we received a great deal of healing from the local priest.

After the Knights wounds had been healed he began to rant and rave about his horse. Understandable, for the horse to my understanding, was his first. A noble goal if any and the party agreed with my silent thoughts. We ventured forth back into the undercity, avoiding enemies because of the influence of the nearby fog. After finding the remains of his horse, we took the horse to a nearby circle of druids who I had not noticed upon my travels back into the city, rather strange. We had the horse reincarnated for a sum of 1,000 gold and it came back as a rather large and monstrous bat. That it did not attack us for it’s animal intelligence startled me and it seemed to acquiesce to both the Knight and the Squire’s wishes. Despite this it was apparent that the horse turned bat was uncomfortable and it stayed to receive a weeks training in “learning to be a bat”. How unusual.

We moved forth from the Druid’s circle and went back to the City. From there we took a day off, recovering from wounds and the like. In the morning I made the necessary signs and drew the circle for focalor in water, never an easy task. It proved difficult and my binding runes turned out to be sloppy, Focalor had once again influenced me, leaving me with the need to say a few words for those who had departed. Despite this personal setback, my friends still not knowing of my abilities joined with me and we all went to the undercity to lay seige to this foul temple of demons.

We found the temple quickly, throwing open the doors and finding it to be inhabited by many a foul cultist and demon. We struck quickly and within the space of a minute we managed to subdue many of them before they could call for backup. I write this quickly before we head further into the temple. Despite Focalor’s nagging influence I hope that the demon worshipping scum die.



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