Schepmil Stonehunter (aka "Folder Finwick")

A decanter of endless knowledge... GEYSER!!!


Everyone loves Folder Finwick
‘Cause the stories that he tells are ever so sick
Look at him now, informin’ a gal
Where is the gal heading right now?

Taking a bow, it’s Folder Finwick
Everybody heard that the tale is so sick
Look at him there with his Whimsicaly, Whimsical snippet!
It’s sounds of magic, and with a little blip

Yeah, yeah, yeah, the gal is back
Yeah, yeah, yeah, the gal is back
Back, back, back from her magical journey

What did she see in the Imaginary dimension?
She saw beasts, lots of beasts, lots of beasts, lots of beasts. Oh, beasts lots of beasts lots of beasts lots of beasts.
Yeah, yeah!

Schepmil Stonehunter
Gnome Dragonfire Adapt, 1
Level 1
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Abilities: Str 6, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 15, Wis 10, Cha 13
Initiative: +2 Speed: 20 ft. (4 squares)
Hit Dice: 1d8+2 (10 hp)
AC/tch/ff: 13/13/11 (+1 size, +2 Dex)
Saves: Fort +4, Ref +2, Will +2
BAB/Grapple: +0/-6 Space/Reach: 5 ft./5 ft.
Attack (melee): Dagger,Punching -1 (1d3-2×3)
Attack (Ranged): Crossbow,Light +3 (1d6 19-20/x2)
Special Attacks: Breath Weapon (1d6 fire DC:12)
Special Qualities: Gnome Traits, Gnome spell like abilities, Breath weapon, Least invocation(Draconic Knowledge), Dragontouched
Skills: Knowledge(Arcana) +12, Knowledge(Religion) +12, Knowledge(Nature) +11, Knowledge(Planes) +12, Knowledge(Dungeoneering) +12, Knowledge(History) +12, Listen +3, Search +3, Spellcraft +9, Spot +1
Feats: Trivial Knowledge, Dragon touched
Languages: Common, Gnome, Draconic, Dwarven
Gear Crossbow,Light, Dagger, Punching, Rations, Backpack of Adventuring Gear

Schepmil Stonehunter the Gnome Bard

Appearance: Born from the original line of pure blooded Stonehunter Gnomes, Schepmil stands 3’6’’ and weighs 46lb and has most of the characteristics of a Stonehunter Gnome. Schepmil has very dark skin that rakes on a coppery sheen in the sunlight and dark brown almost bronze eyes. What sets him apart from Stonehunters is his not hazel but fiery red hair.

Profession: Student/Neglected Son

Lifestyle: Schepmil currently lives in the slums of Ratfoot Avenue and spends most of his time in the Traveler’s Way going by the alias “Folder Finwick”. His name derived from his first visit to the tavern, after being asked his name by the bartender, a quick glance around the room led Schepmil to the giant swordfish mounted above the fire place mantel and the dimly lit candle lamp behind the bar. Schepmil uses this fake name out of fear, that if the locals find out who he is, that he would be mugged, ransomed or even worse murdered. He spends his days Listening to the locals story’s. From their past adventures to how their wife is going to leave them Schepmil’s ever growing thirst for knowledge keeps him interested. Schepmil is constantly on the look out for parties of adventurers to go on a journey with but is always turned down because of his small stature. After being cooped up so long and blocked off from society schepmil doesn’t mind talking to the low lifes that live in the slums, he is just happy to have some one to talk to at all. But for Schepmil the good life seems to be coming to an end. His funds are running out and with out a source of income he might be forced to go back to his old life. For his sake he hopes he finds an adventuring party soon.

History: As A child Schepmil spent hours pouring over and cataloging tomes. Son of the highly prestigious Roondar Stonehunter, Schepmil was neglected as a child. Roondar is an extreamly successful trader and spends all of his time at the dock or at sea in far off lands. With the mysterious disappearance of Schepmil’s mother when he was at a young age this leaves him often neglected and lonely without any parents to guide him, but that is only the beginning of Schepmils problems. Schepmil is a complete disappointment to his father who believes that he should have never been born. He is the first non Stonehunter Gnome in the family line in the last 10 generations. If it weren’t for Schepmil’s mother’s note left to him before she disappeared he would have been banished from the clan and all history of him erased. Schepmil is virtually ignored by his rich father ,except for the occasional book , for a present, here and there. No matter how hard Schepmil tries he can not win over his fathers love. Although he himself was not born of dragon blood Schepmil took up the study of the draconic arts to prove to his father that he was not a disgrace. After years of study and practice he was able to gain transcendence and true dragon blood, but at last his attempts were in vain Roondar believes that Schepmil had actually made even more of a fool of him self and had become more of a shame to real dragon descendants like himself. Roondar was firm in his belief that the blood of a dragon was a birthright and not to be stolen by inferiors. With his father constantly neglecting and ridiculing him Schepmil is watched over by what would be more accurately described as a prison guard, butler. The Butler strictly enforces the rules and Schepmil is not allowed to leave the house as to not disgrace the clan with his imperfections. With no real friends to talk to he has became his best friends with the books in the family’s vast library of knowledge. He reads anything he can get his hands onto. He particularly enjoys stories about monsters and beasties of legend, when reading he envisions himself in the books and sees himself as the hero, nothing gets his adrenalin going more than a good book on a late night.

Schepmil’s recent junket in to the slums was inspired after reading a particularly inspiring book. After being held hostage in his own house for the past forty years he had become fed up with his life and decided that it was time for a change. Schepmil quickly devised a plan to sneak out at the next night fall take all of his allowance that he was never allowed to spend and to head to the slums where he could join one of these heroic adventuring groups that he has read so many stories about in the past and not only get to live the books himself but create adventures of his own.

Personality: Although Schepmil had been secluded from society as a whole he is not a social flump. Schepmil loves talking to any one who will listen, he loves sharing the many stories that he reads and watching others faces as he tells them. Having an avid listener can make his day or even his week if they show true joy from listening. He can go on for hours and hours to describe the details of just one story. Although annoying to some his innocence and good nature make it hard to tell him off. Whether it be pity or true interest in his stories he finds many different travelers to make conversation with. When presented with conflict Schepmil usually backs down and tries to avoid it while bringing up a story to try to persuade the other party.Since he himself cant speak from experience he allows the experiences of others to speak for him. Schepmil brings up stories in almost every situation, he has a bit of wisdom for every occasion and inst afraid to tell others. If he finds these stories so fascinating than every one else must too.

Goals: As far as Schepmil is concerned he has already accomplished his goal of getting out of his prison of a house and getting to see the real world, but he longs for more. Schepmil seeks the thrill of adventure and the thirst for ever growing knowledge. He wants to get out there for himself and see what things are like first hand, to put the books down for a while and maybe write one of his own based on the heroic deeds that he will do. To clash with the goblins of the forest, shoot an ogers eye out, or to slaying a fiery red dragon, Schepmil has been waiting all his life for an opportunity to prove his worth and plans to do it through his adventures. Right now his first plan is to find a group of adventures to not only journey with but to call true friends.

Schepmil Stonehunter (aka "Folder Finwick")

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