Thromson Hellbound

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Thromson Hellbound
binder 5
Level 5
Alignment: LG
Abilities: Str 10, Dex 8, Con 16, Int 11, Wis 12, Cha 16
Initiative: -1 Speed: 30 ft. (6 squares)
Hit Dice: 5d8 (45 hp)
AC/tch/ff: 17/9/16 ( +5 Armor, +3 Shield, -1 Dexterity)
Saves: Fort +7, Ref -0, Will +5
BAB/Grapple: +1/+4 Space/Reach: 5 ft./5 ft.
Attack: Club +3 (1d6) or Lightning Bolt(ranged) (3d6)
Special Qualities: Soul Binding, Binding abilities(DC 15, change with the bound vestige) Suppress Sign, Pact Augmentations (2), Evil Exception, Aspect of the Body, Infernal Mien, Hellbound, Water Breathing (When binded with Focalor)
Skills: Diplomacy +11, Intimidate +13
Feats: Devil’s Favour, Improved Binding, Shield proficiency, Expel Vestige, Devil’s Vigour
Skill Tricks: N/A
Languages: Common, Infernal
Gear: +1 Chain Shirt, +1 Heavy Steel Shield, Club, 5X Backpack, Pouch, Bedroll, Metal Guitar, Rope Silk 50ft, Tent, Flint and Steel, Bullseye Lantern, 10X Trail rations, Explorers Outfit, 5 Iron Masks for Vestiges, Hooded Cloak, Gloves with appropriate coverings, Implements of Binding +1.

Thromson Hellbound:


In appearance, Thromson looks like an average man due to the mask that constantly conceals his monstrous features. He wears a long, hooded cloak that covers up most of his body and he even wears metal backed gloves to protect his hands and hide the beginnings of his toughened skin. This is due largely in part to his normal appearance, that of a hellbred monster with coal black, seemingly pupil-less eyes; a large pentagram inscribed into his forehead and black teeth that are sharpened into wicked fangs. He also has a shock of black hair that reaches half-way down his back that has been recently hacked down to be tidy. This is a temporary fix as his appearance, regardless of what he does, changes back every single day. Depending upon which Vestige has entered his body there are other changes and masks. When bound with Geryon he has a mask that has 4 eyeholes in it, all four of them covered with black glass that hides the eyes behind them effectively. When bound with Focalor his mask is open around the eyes, allowing his tears to run down freely. When bound with Savnok his mask, cloak and gloves are gone, replaced by ornate fullplate that covers all of his features up perfectly.

Profession:* Thromson has no profession, his only means of money a mysterious amount that he woke up with next to him. He therefore relishes the chance to get gold if only to keep himself alive. He’s not greedy but he doesn’t want to die of hunger.


Originally born as Lord Thromson Hellanious, Thromson was a cruel man in his first life. Over 1,000 years ago he served as the Lord of a small district in the now undercity of Greenswave. He was terrible to his subjects, often torturing them for small hiccups in their taxes or worse yet for his own amusement. This drew the attention of many around him, but none dared to ask or even interfere with his torturing and slaying of his own people for fear that they would draw the attention of Thromson himself. Thromson was by no means a terrible combatant or lacked for troops to help reinforce his own combat strength. He had many plans during this stage of his life including murdering the heirs in front of him for the vast fortunes of older uncles and aunts, leaving him the sole victor. Brilliant and terrifying, the plans of Lord Hellnious spanned the lands until one of them lead to his demise

Thromson planned a Coup D’etat of the Mayor of Greenswave, his actions supported by nothing less than a Pit Fiend from the plane of Malebolge. The Pit Fiend had made a deal with Thromson, his soul for the power of being Mayor and controlling all of Greenswave in it’s early days. Thromson had accepted not knowing that it would damn him for eternity.

Eventually Thromson took over the position of Mayor only to be slain the next day by a Paladin who had rode in from the mountains, seeking his vengeance for the cruelties that Lord Hellanious had inflicted upon his family. As Thromson lay dying and critically wounded for the first time in his life it came to him that his deal may have been terrible for him for centuries to come. Out of fear he repented.

The God of Justice St. Cuthbert heard Lord Hellanious’ final plea for mercy from the gods and decided to have such mercy upon him. As he fell through the flames and layers of hell, skin stripped from bone in death, and mind flayed into nearly nothing he was grasped and rescued by the God. St. Cuthbert reshaped his body and mind, erasing the mistakes of a life past before he cast him into the future, 1,000 years forward so that he might serve for his crimes. As his is flung forward through the edges of reality, the vestiges beyond the veil of reality take note of his form and decide to help him along, a second chance for them and him they believe.

As he finally falls to the earth again. The vestiges whisper knowledge to him, teaching him what they know of binding, shaping his personality and helping to fill in the blanks that the god did not. They teach him that he must redeem himself, but for what they will never say. It is enough that he knows they believe.

Thromson awakes from his death at the edge of Greenswave, a 100 foot area around him devastated as if by a Hellfire Engine itself. He comes to with equipment in his hands, his body warped and changed by the god as punishment. His memories are gone save for his name and the new knowledge whispered into his ears by the Prince of Tears, Focalor and Savnok the Instigator. He grasps his equipment and sets off, the voice of Focalor whispering in his mind, “Seek out the City of Greenswave, mayhaps you can redeem yourself as I could not.” Even as Focalor finished his comforting words, the cynical Savnok spoke, “You are hellbound and hellbound you shall remain Thromson. Do not carry any illusions.”, with those words of warning he grabbed all of his gear and took off towards Greenswave, the twin Vestiges bickering at the edge of his consciousness.

Personality: Thromson is often withdrawn into himself, making observations about the world about him. He enjoys beautiful things including art and will often stop to admire them as if taking in the last good sight he will see in the world. His mood seems to change rapidly however, this is not his fault as the Vestiges within him often exert their influence, something that he allows.

Goals: Find out who he is and what his purpose is in this world.

*Player’s note: As more vestiges become available, Thromson will seek out new masks and items to hide his appearance at all times. The DM of course has reign on the costs of said items.

Thromson Hellbound

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