City Districts

1. Civic (“The Civic District”) The Civic District is home to the various political buildings. The Mayor’s keep is located here, as is the Voting Hall, the Courthouse, the Museum, and the City Library. The area is the best guarded area of the city. This District is also home to the city park. The area is also walled and gated off, and suspicious people are not let in.

2. Embassy (“Ambassadorial District”) The various Ambassadorial buildings are located here. There are ones for all major nearby cities and races. This area is guarded well. This is where the ambassadors stay as well, either in houses or hotels. Ambassadorial citizens are not true citizens per se, and must always walk around with something that recognizes them as an ambassador or traveler.

3. Fine Shops (“Gold Coin Streets”) Here are located the best shops in the town. Bustling with rich folk, this is where one would go to purchase expensive curiosities and masterwork weapons. In here is located the “Artisan Arm” guild house. The magic stores are located here, but the wizards who stock them are often located in the Arcanist District (district 4.)

4. Magic (“Arcanist Quarter”) Here is located the areas of sorcery and wizardry. Located here is the “Society for the Advancement of Arcanistic Aptitude and the Knowledge of Magical Phenomena” guild house. This is also where one should go to seek out wizards.

5. Noble Estates (“Verdant Acres”) The Noble Estates is where the richest of the rich spend their time. If someone doesn’t appear well dressed enough, guards will interrogate the visitor on why he is in there. If they can’t provide a good reason, they are escorted out.

6. University (“Educatorium”) The University of Greenswave is actually a large collection of various schools. The rich can send their sons and daughters here to learn any variety of things. Feat and skill retraining takes place here. The northeast section teaches magic, the north middle section teaches foreign languages, the northwest area teaches performance arts, and the rest is spread out between philosophy, arithmetic, and the like.

7. Average Residential (“Tylondale Neighborhood”) This neighborhood is populated by those who live with average wealth. The streets are somewhat dirty but it’s usually not too big of a deal. The buildings are somewhat cramped and it really has little to offer to visitors, unless they wish to see someone who lives here. Guards are of average presence.

8. Coliseum (“The Coliseum”) This area is an area filled with various arenas, barracks, houses, and a few stores. Players can sign up to watch here or they could fight for money. Only convicted criminals are forced into fighting. The various battle styles include Duel, Party vs. Party, Gladiator vs. Monster, and Party vs. Monsters. The duel setting is often arranged between two groups who have a score to settle. The church of Hextor is seen with dismay by followers of Heironeous, but city law prevents the two from violently interacting with each other, though they often challenge each other to battle in the duel arena.

9. Garrison (“The Garrison”) This is where the City Guard is located. It consists of many different open fields, closed fields, and training houses. The majority of the military are stationed in barracks located here, and does guard and military training. Despite what one would expect, this area is not run by the government, but by the “Greenswave Guard” guild. This guild began as a privately owned militia but was able to achieve guild status after successfully defending the town from a sahuagin attack. The guild house of the “Greenswave Guard’ is located here.

10. Wharf (“Central Wharf”) This is the main wharf of the town. This is where most ships park. Examinations are rigorous here, but the area is well guarded. Travel and tradeships, some as large as galleons, are parked in this wharf and several of the largest fishing ships can be seen sailing off to make the next big catch. Tradesmen are seen weighing goods and charging taxes. The sewage ditches empty into the ocean, giving it a polluted look nearby but a clear beach far off.

11. Wharf (“East Wharf”) This wharf is much like the central wharf, but it is much lower quality. It’s also much lower key, and inspections of licenses and the sort are often done with half-effort. Should a pirate wish to stow his ship in Greenswave for the night, this would be the place to do so. Temples: Procan

12. Inns (“Traveller’s Way”) Here is located various inns for travelers to stay in. The exceptionally rich or influential of foreigners tend to stay in the Embassy District instead, however. These inns are also the place of taverns, and many a weary worker will rest at the end of the day with a glass of ale at one of the major taverns. Guards patrol the area occasionally, but generally only come when called. Raw sewage festers in the streets, waiting to be cleaned up once a week by the sanitation crew.

13. Prison (“The Jailhouses”) The Prison is, as one would expect, a district dominated by jailhouses. Here the cities’ criminals and war prisoners are kept in prisons and underground dungeons. The area is guarded well, though most of the guards are inside the buildings, not patrolling the streets. The asylums for the insane are also often located here.

14. Theatre (“Musing Streets”) The Theatre District is an area where the various performance skills are put to use. Plays are put on in theatres, while concerts are made in orchestra halls. Circus events occasionally happen, as do riveting speeches. The guild-house of “Beyond the Mundane” is located in this district. The area is guarded fairly well.

15. Warehouse (“The Warehouses”) The warehouses store vast amounts of trade material in massive crates and the like. Most are decrepit, as the appearance of the warehouse matters little, as long as the product is contained inside safely. The area suffers from poor guard stationing, so cargoes are occasionally the target of thievery. As such, people have begun hiring private guards to watch over their cargo during times of storage. Moving crews load and unload these crates onto ships on the nearby wharfs.

16. Tannery (“Craftsman Ward”) The Tannery is an area where the various forms of artisanship take place. Alchemical labs, tanneries, furnaces, and the like all have a place here. Little care is taken in regard to sewage as the area already smells awful due to the local industry. Guards are moderately stationed, most of them in a grumpy mood due to having to watch over this area.

17. Average Residential (“Palderburg Neighborhood”) This Residential Area is otherwise identical to Tylondale (17) and Falhill (19.) The people here live closer to the forest than the sea and as such tend to enjoy looking over the farmland or forest.

18. Average Residential (“Ferovale Neighborhood”) This Residential Area is essentially identical to Tylondale (17) and Falhill (19.) It is located near the North Exit however, so it sports a single Cobblestone road that enters into the Civic District (1.)

19. Average Residential (“Falhill Neighborhood”) This Residential Area is essentially identical to Palderburg (19.)

20. Necropolis (“The Graveyard”) Here in the Necropolis, the dead are buried in all manner of fashion. The poorest are shamelessly carted into mass graves located under burial mounds. Most citizenry pay to have a small plot of land with a wooden or stone marker for their loved one to be buried in. The rich pay to have their loved ones buried in a mausoleum. The graveyard is a dangerous place at night, for some undead that hide in the deepest crypts of the mausoleum come out then to prey on the brave souls still awake.

21. Red-Light District (“District of Whispers”) The Red-Light District is an area of moral ambiguity. Here are located brothels, semi-legal and illegal services, black market goods, and gambling zones. The area is rampant with criminality, but due to a system of bribes paid by the “Legal Piracy” guild, the guards posted here do nothing to stop it. The guild-house of “Legal Piracy” is located here, and they run the underground as well as shipping department. However, some laws are still obeyed. Those seen calling for help from the guard will be rescued and those seen breaking weapon laws will be stopped. There are many areas that the guard does not patrol, and often times they are severely harassed for heading off the main road that runs through the center of the district.

22. Slums (“Ratfoot Avenue”) This neighborhood is populated by the poorest of the city. It is similar in composition to the rest of the slums. Most people living here live a hopeless laboring job, spending their few spare coins on alcohol in “Traveler’s Way” (12.) Guard influence is low, as few care enough about the poor to employ much care their way. Monsters that hunt citizenry tend to exist in these slums. Sanitation crews only make an appearance every two weeks, so dead bodies tend to decay and raw sewage festers in the street, making this area rampant with disease.

23. Slums (“Oozedrip Neighborhood”) This slummy neighborhood is similar in composition to “Ratfoot Avenue.” (22)

24. Shantytown (“Fever Houses”) The shantytown is essentially a poorer and more dangerous form of the slums. Instead of decrepit housing, the poor here live in small shacks, tents, and crates as they uneven to even afford the poorest housing. The buildings here are broken down and decrepit and not fit for living in, but the poorest will make do by squatting inside. The Shantytown only sees a visit by the sanitation crew once a month, so it is in a constant state of disgusting. The “Fever Houses” are also known as the “Shame of Greenswave.”

25. Shipyard (“The Shipyard”) The Shipyard lies surrounded by less than favorable types. The red light district, the Shanty Town, and the Undercity all border it. Despite this, the Shipyard’s relative close proximity with the wharf and the sea make it a fairly decent place for ship building. Guard Patrol is stricter here than in neighboring areas, as the poor may try to squat inside the buildings or steal from the place and must be driven out. Many poor men work as laborers here under accomplished craftsmen and architects. The accomplished craftsmen and architects of course, live elsewhere in the city, and arrive by cart or carriage.

26. Farmland (“The Farmland”) The area outside of town but not officially designated a district is often made into farmland. These farmers sell their spare produce in town, but for the most part aren’t really connected to the city much. Occasionally a few houses bunches up as a small hamlet or something, and most farmers here consider themselves citizens of Greenswave.

27. Slums (“Wormcrawl Lanes”) This slummy neighborhood is similar in composition to “Ratfoot Avenue.” (22)

28. Undercity (“The Empty District”) This section of the town was once several districts of slums. However, a Sahuagin raid destroyed the area. When people tried to re-inhabitat the area, it was found to be swarming with monsters. As such, the district was walled off for the safety of the rest of the town. Monsters from this district occasionally stalk out to hunt in the Shanty Town or the surrounding countryside. Guards patrol the walls periodically to report monster sightings, but since the only neighboring districts are very poor, this isn’t done nearly enough.

29. Wealthy Residential (“Pinecrest Neighborhood”) This area is where the well to do live. Housing here is not cheap, and the people here expect high quality in things. That said however, most here are not quite as stuffy as the Aristocrats and often find work doing jobs similar to those of the average city members, they simply are the best in their fields of work. Many citizenry here are Rank 1 or 2 guild members, but those who have a leadership position tend to live in Noble Estates (5.)

30. Marketplace (“The Marketplace”) The marketplace consists of open-air stalls and roofed stores. Here one may buy any assortment of average quality items. This is where most go to buy their food, and most of it is fish. There is also produce from the nearby farmland, but fish dominates the region for food. The guild-house for the “Commoner Union” is located here.

City Districts

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