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This is the main player page, post links to any character logs or anything cool you have about the game like notes or maps.

Player Character Nickname
Cory Schepmil Stonehunter (aka “Folder Finwick”) Storyteller the Faintheart
Eason Kydos Phrygian Gingerman Fogblind the Unreliable, Sharkbender Cetack
Chris Grizzle Greedybird the Deserter
John Sir Eldridge Goodgauntlet, Darth Oscvri Honorable Foolhardy the Brave, Castaway
Geoff Doctor Von Housen,Grindar Doomscreamer, Hellboy Doctor, Screamo Emo the Easily Slain, Hellboy the Stalker
Bieber Bi! Chuan! Chieftain Bi! “This shit just got real” Chuan! Cetack, The Last Octopus Bender

Character Logs

Index of actual character logs:

Bi! Chuan!’s Logs
Entry 1, The Sleeping Sickness
Entry 2, Monster Hunting and a Funeral
Entry 3, the Beset Cetacks
Entry 4, the Achuik Molik Tribe
Entry 5, into the Undercity
Entry 6, out of the Undercity, enter the Blender
Entry 7, Blender and a Baleen
Entry 8, Boat travelling Mach 1/18
Entry 9, A freezing wasteland
Entry 10, Liches Tower
Entry 11, The Voyage Home

Kydos’ Logs
Entry 1, Kydos’s First Adventure
Entry 2, Fulfillment of Debt Part 1

Hellbound’s Logs
Entry 1

This is a map of the adventures we have stumbled upon, completed adventures have a cross through them. Click for a bigger version that will probably still be hard to read.

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