Greenswave History

The City of Greenswave, though a modern city, has been around for quite some time. Much of the records have been lost, and much of what is supposedly true is occasionally revealed to be nothing but stories. Only those with true depth of knowledge are able to pick through the tales to reveal the truth.

Regardless, it is extremely rare that people even care about the history of the city. As far as most people are concerned, the city is safe now, and looking to the past is a useless endeavor when one could be making something of himself instead.

Detailed here is a purposely meager list of Greenswave History, which should represent the gist of what your character knows, but likely cares little about.

Early Greenswavian History:

The founding of Greenswave is unknown to most, but it is most definitely at least a few hundred years old, easily more. The center of the Civil District sports a statue of a man named Odelo, who is marked as the original founder of the city. However, more information is not readily available. The town soon prospered due to it’s suitable location. Fresh water was easily gathered from the tropical forest just to the north, while food was easily accessible from the sea.

Middle Greenswavian History

It was during this time that Greenswave’s political system was formed. There were far fewer guilds back then, and as time progressed, more groups found themselves qualified as guilds.

Recent Greenswavian History

The most famous event of recent times is the event that caused a previously livable district of the city to be rendered into a shockingly close-to-home den of monsters. The Sahuagin that dwell dangerously close to the city mounted a terrifying attack on the city. By the time the Greenswave Guard and the available members of The Hands of Discovery were able to arrive and drive back the evil creatures, the entire district had been lost to their destruction. Thankfully, their damage elsewhere was relatively minimal.

Later attempts to reconstruct and re civilize the area were in vain, as there were several areas of severe damage as well as broken holes into the sewers. Dangerous monsters had swarmed the decrepit area, and it was deemed to be not worth recovering (especially due to its previous status as a slums.)

The entire district was instead simply walled off, and guards patrol the area for any creatures attempting to escape.

Greenswave History

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