The City of Greenswave

Greenswave True Neutral Alignment Seaside Coastal Large City 45,000gp limit Assets 27,000,000gp Population 13,450; Mixed (78% Human, 4% Halfling, 4% Gnome, 2% Dwarf, 2% Hadozee, 2% elf, 2% half-elf, 1% half-orc, 5% other)

The following is information commonly known by those who live in Greenswave.

Greenswave is a coastal city that enjoys relative prosperity. This prosperity is mostly due in part to its status as a trade port and the abundant natural resources it reaps. Seafood is common in this town, though some farms extend into the nearby areas. Though the city is not especially rampant with crime, it’s not especially well controlled either. This doesn’t bother richer folk however, as the crime takes place in other places (the dock and slums for example.) During all times of the day, ships are always coming and leaving. It’s not uncommon for pirates to dock and stay for a while either. With a few well placed bribes and fake documents, Pirates are given a “no-questions asked” attitude, as long as they have not been an issue to the city. Greenswave enjoys a rather warm climate. Greenswave’s political system is not based on nobility, but rather a senate of guilds. New legislative actions are proposed by one guild and voted on by the rest. A governor (who serves for life) serves as the official leader, though the main power is split among the various Guildmasters. A city guard patrols the area and citizens are given many personal freedoms.

Architecture Greenswave’s architecture focuses on functionality first and ascetics second. Buildings tend to avoid looking too ugly, but don’t really take much effort in maintaining this. However, there are exceptions to these rules, and of course, it varies by location. For example, the Bourgeoisie (the richest populace) tends to care a little more. Official buildings such as the Courts and the Guildhall are also more decorative, as are religious establishments. There are some statues, fountains, and other artistic objects in the city, but most residents agree that the true beauty of Greenswave is in the oceanic view. When artistic concern is employed, it is more often than not ocean-themed.

Layout Greenswave can be somewhat difficult to get around as there are few layout plans. The town’s sections tend to be somewhat themed to one of the nearby Guilds. The richer areas boast paved, labeled roads and simple sanitation structures. Other sections are mostly simple dirt roads but still maintain basic attempts at sanitary control. The poorest areas are a cesspool for disease, as raw sewage and garbage must be dumped directly into the street, attracting all sorts of vermin. The most challenging part of navigation through the city is due to the fact that many areas have no official names. Directions are instead based on nearby landmarks, such as a statue or guildhall. This can make things very confusing to outsiders, who tend to spend most of their time by the coast, where things don’t get too confusing. At night, lanterns are put up to illuminate the city. However, in the poorest sections of town, they are often stolen and the city rarely bothers to replace them in such districts. There are approximately thirty different districts in Greenswave.

Persona The citizens of Greenswave tend to be somewhat pleasant, depending on how the mood strikes them that day. Business is often a profitable venture, and since there is no defined caste system, many are hopeful to increase their wealth. That said, very little comes free in Greenswave. Friends tend to offer each other discounts, not free services (though free favors do come in occasionally, a free favor of equal value is generally expected in compensation sometime in the future.) Religion tends to take a backseat to most political and commercial affairs. While religion forms a major part of many lives, it is generally considered to be a personal affair by civilians. Church officials and clerics, however, consistently wish for more official support and tend to be very zealous. Door to door converters of various faiths are common. Outsiders are treated well, as they tend to bring money or valuable goods with them to trade with. Random superstitions and myths are common among the sailors of the town. As long as these stories are taken with a grain of salt, they can be an interesting diversion to any traveler with time to spare. Since ships from all over the world stop in Greenswave, many obscure humanoid races can be found.

Important Dates and Events Most festivals and things of the sort tend to be celebrated individually. Followers of the deity Pelor may have holidays on various sun-related days, while followers of Fharlanghn have completely different celebrations and ways to celebrate them. Druids consider various solstices to be holy days, with Druid-con occurring at a special seaside area outside of town once a year. Most druids however, live on the outskirts of town and these holy days go by generally unseen. There is one exception however, and that is the Festival of the Sea. This always occurs at the beginning of summer, and is a time of much dancing, public inebriation, and celebration. On this day, people are expected to skip work and spend all day doing whatever they want (within the confines of the law, which are relaxed slightly on this day.) Parades and the sort are generally put on by the government as well. This day is in honor of the deity Valkur, the god of sailing. Even those who do not worship Valkur enjoy the celebration however, as it has become more of a city-wide cultural event than a religious one.

Politics The city politics completely revolves around the various guilds. The guilds meet in the Guildhall to propose legislation and vote on them. Every guild is given the opportunity to state why they believe the law should or should not be enacted after they cast their vote. A guild may propose new legislation, but doing so forces it to relinquish its vote on the subject. The votes are tallied by the Governor who also enjoys some official powers. He may propose legislation for free, choose in the case of a tiebreaker, and has the power to incorporate a new guild that has become large enough to vote with the rest. However, since guilds all vie with each other for power, adding more guilds are often less than preferable for them. A 2/3 vote against entering in a new guild vetoes the Governor’s decision. The Governor and Guild Heads all serve for life in their various positions, unless they choose to resign. The Governor has the power to call meetings, though they are otherwise forced to meet at least every three months. The governor also has the option to choose three head judges, however they each must receive a majority vote from the guilds. These judges then choose the various judges for their lower courts with complete freedom. If one of their choices is called into question, the guild can vote on removing him/her. As with every political system, corruption and scandal occur. Greenswave’s government is not a place of constant corruption; though bribes, blackmail, and the sort often influence the votes of various guilds. Those that care little on a subject and plan to vote neutral can expect to enjoy a few bribery offers from the guilds that do care.

Economy Greenswave’s economy is heavily based on trade. Trading ships from various other countries often stop by to trade. The city enjoys a tax on these trade ships. The town is mostly fed on seafood. Dried seaweed, fish, and crustaceans make up the primary diet. There are a few farmers on the outskirts of town, but these more “regular” foods tend not to be as popular among residents. The constant influx of travelers also gives Inns a booming business. Due to the nearby forest, shipyards are constantly employed. Traveling adventurers aren’t too uncommon either, and the city is even able to support a magic items store! Traveling equipment also tends to sell very well.

Neighbors Greenswave’s main neighbors are the races of the sea. The human-like Aventi stop by to do business occasionally. Sahuagin are considered a dangerous nuisance and raids must be periodically performed to keep them from getting too confident in their attacks on trade ships. The nearby Darfellan are mostly ignored, as they keep to themselves and attempts at trade or friendship tend to be simply politely ignored. Greenswave enjoys their proximity greatly however, as the Darfellan’s racial hatred of the Sahuagin helps keep them off their trade ships. The forest on the outside of town occasionally has goblinoid troubles inside it, but generally the trouble they cause is minor, with the real troubles being with the more savage underwater races.

Basic Laws Aside from the obvious, such as no murder or theft, there are a few laws that an adventurer needs to keep in mind when in Greenwave. All weapons must be peace bonded (temporarily magically rendered unusable.) Wearing light armor in the streets is generally considered inappropriate. In some areas of town, the rules get observed a little more lax, but it is never considered okay to walk around in heavy armor or anything more than a light weapon (unless that weapon is peace bonded.) City watchmen, soldiers, bodyguards, and several especially well-to-do civilians are exempt from this rule. Special papers allowing the public wielding of weapons can be obtained, with martial weapon papers being harder to obtain than light weapon papers. Armor papers must be obtained separately but in similar fashion. Similar laws exist against spell casting. The use of any spell that deals damage to the surrounding or another person, or affects said person in any way against their will, is forbidden. Papers to cast offensive spells are harder to earn than papers for weapons. As usual, certain people are exempt, such as magic-wielding members of the city guard and exceptionally rich citizens. Specific areas, such as buildings designated for magical research, do not carry these rules. However, even if you can cast fireball inside the magician’s building, casting fireball on any person is likely to get you in deep trouble. Responsible use of spells is expected of those who are allowed to use them. Weapon, Armor, and Spell permission papers are occasionally forged instead of earned. The possessors and creators of these papers will find themselves in serious trouble with the law if they are caught.

The Guilds “Hands of Discovery” – Guild focused on exploring dungeons and relieving monsters of their treasure.

“Artisan Arm” – Guild focused on the regulation of crafted materials and the endorsement of skills craftsmen.

“Society for the Advancement of Arcanistic Aptitude and the Knowledge of Magical Phenomena” – Guild focused on magical discoveries and magic item invention and creation.

“Beyond Mundane” – Guild focused on the ability to provided top notch entertainment performances.

“Legal Piracy” – Guild claiming to provide a legal outlet for criminals so that they do not disturb the common populace.

“Common Union” – Guild regulating the pay and conditions of work for people in jobs such as fishing, farming, sanitation, and the like. The top tier of officials in this guild tend to own much of the industry.

“Greenswave Guard” – Guild that acts as Greenswave’s military and police force.

The City of Greenswave

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