The Guilds of Greenswave

What Guilds Do

In Greenswave, the guilds hold all the political power. The Heads of the guilds are the ones who create the laws that control the city. Only a relative few citizens are able to gain entrance into a guild, as entrance requirements tend to be quite difficult to meet. An even more select few are actually able to reach the higher ranks of the guild, where political power and wealth predominate. Not everyone who works for a guild necessarily is a guild member. The Common Union employs a vast member of poor farmers, fishermen, and dock workers for example, but does not grant these members citizenship. No guilds are charities, and while most have a noble goal in mind, they all want to make money.

Joining a guild grants various benefits, some of them even supernatural. Members are expected to perform certain duties to maintain and advance their membership. Most guilds also keep on hand a large cache of gold to loan out to members, with more favorable conditions increasing with an increasing rank.

Many guilds are open to applicants simply walking in and making an application, but some allow entrance officially only on a “We’ll ask you” basis. Completing sufficient impressive deeds is likely to cause a guild to attempt to recruit you, though you may wish to be more pro-active in your approach.

The Hands of Discovery: This guild generally shows little focus on the city itself and looks more towards the regions surrounding the city and areas as of yet uncharted. Members of this guild are renowned monster hunters and treasure hunters. Not everyone here is a monster hunter though, some are simply famous explorers or map-makers, while others are dedicated archeologists. If an ancient temple, dragon’s lair, or dangerous monster is discovered, the Hands of Discovery are likely the first to hear about it and deal with it.

The guild is in charge of the “Treasure Tax”, which it shares partially with the Greenswave Guard to convince them to enforce it especially thoroughly. Characters returning from an adventure are required to pay approximately 15% of their recovered treasure to the guild. This is enforced through guards at entrances to the guild. Avoiding this tax can cause legal repercussions. Guild members are given certain exemptions from this tax.

The Artisan Arm This guild is focused on furthering the place of skilled craftsmen. The Artisans (as they are often called) take great pride in their work, and people requesting specific expensive items are rarely disappointed with the quality. Stores that sell items are required to pay absurd taxes to this guild, causing them to simply shut down or try joining the guild. As such, almost all item creation stores in town are usually headed by a Guild Member. The guild stores unload plenty of cheap equipment at reasonable prices, but will create masterwork quality items by special request, though they often have the masterwork item on hand. Magic Item stores are an exemption from this rule, where the magic guild tends to take focus (though the masterwork items used are still bought from The Artisans.) Due to the monopoly this guild holds on crafted items, prospective customers may find prices in some areas to be a little more than they are accustomed to. Members of this guild can expect to find a profitable market for their crafted goods as well as helpful assistance.

The Society for the Advacement of Arcanistic Aptitude and the Knowledge of Magical Phenoma “The Society for the advancement of Arcanistic Aptitude and the Knowledge of Magical Phenomena.” is a guild focusing on the advancement of knowledge and magic ability. Entrance into this guild is especially rigorous and considered to be one of the most difficult guilds to enter. This guild does not allow its name to be abbreviated, and always makes sure to correct people who try to abbreviate its name. Members of this guild view themselves as the most important guild in the city, as well as the social elite, and the most intelligent group in town. Many others feel a bit of antagonism towards this group for the way they appear to look down upon all others. This guild has close ties to the Church of Boccob. It is rare that a powerful wizard is not a member of this guild. This guild also maintains official control of the Educatorium. Members of this guild can expect to find help with metamagic.

Beyond Mundane Beyond Mundane is a guild that focuses on the perfection of beautiful performances and the like. It is considered the most cultured of the guildhouses and the members are all focused on artistic ventures. Members of this guild tend to be idealistic and try to act out everything they do in eccentric fashions. Fun is the meaning of life to members of this guild. Members can expect help finding performances to work in and increased ability to inspire courage.

Legal Piracy The Legal Piracy guild claims to maintain control of the low-lives, pirates, and other unsavories by putting their skills towards controlled and beneficial means. They control much of the lower class areas. Much of the actions of Legal Piracy are secretive, and their machinations tend to be backed with bribes and other means. The head of the guild has not admitted his true name.

Greenswave Guard The Greenswave Guard is the main military and police force in the city. They enforce the various city laws and approve weapon papers. They pay various churches to keep clerics ever present at city entrances to offer peacebonding for weapons for travelers.

Common Union The Common Union is in charge of much of the industry around the city. They officially regulate the farming, fishing, construction, etc. around town. There is a large gulf between the higher ranking members of this guild and the hired hands of the guild. Workers for this guild tend to be poor farmers and fishermen. Lower ranking men tend to me minor fishing ship captains and the like. However, higher ranking members of this guild tend to be obscenely rich from the profits of their industries.

The Guilds of Greenswave

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