A snaky magic dealer


Setsipsakesoapsite Real Name: Salasandrasan

This creepy weirdo set up shop for his magic dealings in the worst location ever, right by the evil necomancers tower. Not only was that the worst possible place in terms of customers, but he set up right next to a competing wizard who was undoubtedly more powerful than him. He one virtue was that he didnt seem to want to eat us, so we did some trading with him all the while suspecting that he was one of the Sumice’s minions. His information was useless and his items were expensive. I did manage to get some cool ectoplasmic armor from him, but that was it.

After defeating Sumice, we led him to Nighthelm where he could get some more business but would be around to mess with us since he was really creepy.

-Bi Chuan


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